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Community Advocate

parent app with C4E turned on and yes, courses are published

Hi friends, I was wondering what parents using the Canvas parent app should see in relationship to the C4E courses their kids are enrolled in? 

Our courses for this parent are published, but the parent using the Canvas Parent app does not see courses, modules or anything really. 

I will say I am "acting as" the parent on my phone, but wanted to see if this was just me, or Do parents not really see anything?

Screen Shot 2021-09-17 at 11.00.05 AM.png



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Community Champion

For my kids, I see a list of courses. If I touch a course name, I see a list of assignments sorted by due date. If I click on the assignment, then I see the general assignments stuff like points and due date and a link to see the description of the assignment. If the course has a font page set, I can see that option as a tab at the top after clicking the course.

If I click on the calendar link, then I see the assignments in a weekly list. 

The alerts show me any announcements that have been posted.

Hope that helps!

Community Champion

I should note also that I don't see modules. I really wish I saw modules in the Parent app. A parent can use their parent login credentials to login to the student app and they can see a lot more stuff.