3 Classes, 2 Teachers, 1 Course

Community Team
Community Team
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Two teachers (one on campus, one part-time telecommuter) used a single Canvas course to teach three different digital art classes concurrently. Students made decisions based on personal interest before researching and then applying knowledge within projects; this increased intrinsic motivation and quality of final projects. Teachers emphasized reflection and revision as an ongoing process in hopes that students would see learning as a personal experience rather than means to a grade. With the help of Canvas’s mobile apps, communication tools, video conferencing, differentiated instruction, and peer reviews, students in this class experienced a unique and collaborative blended learning environment.


Participants who attend the session will learn...

  • How to customize Canvas Course settings to increase collaboration between sections.
  • How to leverage a variety of communication tools to help guide student growth.
  • How to encourage students to embrace an open-ended format classroom.