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APAC Region Canvas Community Meet-up (April)

Community Coach
Community Coach
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PLEASE NOTE - RE Timezones

If you haven't already had a chance, please ensure you set the Timezone correctly on your Jive (Canvas Community) account. We have had a few people get caught out by the dates and times being in a US timezone and showing as running a day earlier than the event. This event will run on the 13th April 2018 at 3:30PM AEST.


If you are in the Asia-Pacific region (APAC) and are in any type of Institution using, looking at using or starting to implement Canvas, please come along and join in the discussion. Having said that, even if you are not in the APAC region and would like to attend you are MORE than welcome, or if you would like to mark yourself as maybe attending so you can see the recording afterwards, please feel free!

This three-weekly meetup is a chance to talk with other institutions, including representatives from both a learning design/pedagogy and technical background.

Please note: The event will be recorded and the recording made available on YouTube for those that are unable to attend.


Agenda (or Objectives)

Item#DescriptionDiscussion LeadTime Allotted
1Welcome to new membersStuart Ryan5 min
2Quick round the group update on what everyone is doingStuart Ryan10 min
3SPLAT (self and peer learning and assessment tool) and Learning AnalyticsA‌delaide Uni20 min
6InstructureCarn 2018 - InstructureCarn 2018 - Who is an APAC Carney? 5 min
XCall for presentations/discussions for the next meeting/discussion leaders/etc5 min
XNext Meeting2 min


Additional Resources


Always RSVP to an event (whether it's yes/no/maybe). It's a great way to get updates about this session, participate in follow-up discussions, and be notified of upcoming events similar to this topic or with this host. (NOTE: You must activate your community account before RSVPing to any CanvasLIVE event.)

While this is targeted to the APAC region, it is by no means exclusive, so if you want to get some Canvas meetup awesomeness into you, even if you are not from the APAC region, you are more than welcome!

Community Advocate
Community Advocate

Hello APAC team! 

I missed the last few minutes of our session today! Was still on the agenda for this April session, or did it end up being covered? At RMIT, we have done some work with, and I would be happy to reach out to one of our own who has done some reporting on the new tool to see if he can make the session. 

Unfortunately, (well kind of unfortunately Smiley Wink ), I'll be in at our Vietnam campus on this date, but depending on the time I'll see if I can join in. 

I look forward to seeing what topics come up! 

Community Coach
Community Coach

Howdy all, so sorry for the delayed upload, please find the upload of this session at CanvasLIVE - APAC Region Canvas Community Zoom Meeting 13th April 2018 - YouTube .

Also, apologies for the recording as it seemed to mostly only record my webcam stream, not sure what happened there (will try to fix up my Zoom settings for next month).