Adopting the Guided Learner Journey at Module & Programme Level

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Community Coach
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Mr. Greg Bowie User Experience Development Manager University of Hertfordshire

Mrs. Karen Barton Director of Learning and Teaching University of Hertfordshire

Using technology in support of pedagogical innovation is well recognized across the HE sector and, like many institutions, at University of Hertfordshire, we have spent a period of reflection and review of our long-term practices in the delivery of courses and the student experience. Following an extensive university-wide consultation, we developed a Vision and Principles for our future Learning Environment which we call ‘The Guided Learner Journey’. We will explore how Academic Schools have adopted these principles in different ways, taking advantage of the flexibility provided by Canvas to embed them at a micro (module) level alongside various pedagogical approaches. We are now moving on to focus at the macro level, delivering benefits to students and staff through a programme-level view of the learner journey.

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