Apprenticeship Levy: Enabling Meaningful, Contextual, Learner-Centric Experiences

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Presenters André Brigham Silva Blended Learning Implementation Manager QA Apprenticeships

Vicky Nicholson Product Manager for Business Skills & Digital Marketing at QA Apprenticeships

The Apprenticeship Levy puts employers at the centre of a new initiative which aims to deliver, economy relevant, high quality, Apprenticeship Programmes. This represents a rare opportunity to reshape the role Apprenticeships play in delivering skills to the UK economy.

QA invested in the R&D of a solution to this trial. The objective is as practical as it is philanthropic: deeply rooted in the levy’s objectives, current educational literature and intelligence on businesses requirements. We have created a methodological template to support the rollout of a new generation of Apprenticeships, leveraging the educational and economical potential allowed by the Apprenticeship Levy.

QA has started to apply this template and is rolling out context-dependent, social, reflective and learner-centric Apprenticeships, which scaffold learning experiences around businesses’ objectives; increasing contextual learning and achieving measurable value throughout relevant learning journeys.

This talk will cover how this methodological template helped us reshape our Business Administration Level 3 Programme, moving it from an Apprenticeship Framework to a Standard, and quantify how this is impacting learners and employers, by comparing user data from the two versions of this programme.

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