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Presenter Viral Shah Service Manager, L&T Innovation University of Auckland

The University of Auckland (UOA) has over two decades of experience in LMS design and use, having launched, possibly the first web based LMS in 1996. Our journey crossed paths with Canvas in 2015. We would like to run a session celebrating a free my data approach to delivery whereby UOA was able to ""paint off the canvas"" by enhancing the richness in our ecosystem using API, LTI and CanvasData. We would like to, at a high level, showcase some of the various tools and utilities we have built to allow Canvas to function in our context, but more so add value to our community of users beyond what Canvas offers. Purpose of the session will be to emphasise on the ability to use LTI/API and CanvasData to expand and offer solutions.

Tools can include (but not limited to): - FinalGrades Submission LTI - Assignment Cover sheet Generator - Manual Course Provisioning Tool - Reports (Student Access, Student Lists, course visibility and staff allocations) - Rubrics Analytics (beta) - Bulk Assignment download and Rename - Paper based assessment booklet generator - Paper based assessment booklet processor (for marking in SpeedGrader) - Rubric Grading by Question in SpeedGrader

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