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Bridge Learn is Instructure's corporate LMS offering. It has it's own Bridge Community with all of the goodies you'd expect (i.e. awesome guides, product ideation, Bridge coaches, videos from Big Top Bridge conference, and more). And, last month, the community team launched a BridgeLIVE! Woot-Woot!

We wanted to cross-promote two unique events from BridgeLIVE that we thought our users in the Canvas Community might find valuable.

Why Bridge when you have Canvas?

The question of "why Bridge?" as a Canvas user often comes up. And the team at Hutchinson Community College (, also asked themselves this question.

They were developing strategies to support both the professional development opportunities for faculty/staff, as well as, supplemental instruction for students (i.e., skill building, just-in-time training, etc). While Canvas can certainly be leveraged in such use-cases, Bridge may offer different set of solutions that could prove effective, as well.

These two webinars helps frame Hutchinson Community College's journey into Bridge. At the very least, Canvas users will be able to see how Bridge can exist alongside a Canvas instance, as well as, integrate within Canvas courses or programs.

Hutchinson Community College (HutchCC) is a two-year public school, located in central Kansas, with transfer and technical degrees and certificates. HutchCC has been an Canvas client since January of 2015, and a Bridge client since the spring of 2017. HutchCC uses the Bridge Learn product for professional development of employees, supplemental instruction for students, and is planning micro-learning modules for business and industry.

We hope to see you there!

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Thanks Nice to have examples too or else it's hard to imagine. I will be having a serious look at these.

So far we are making the most of Canvas as an avenue for professional learning, it's a great way to model to first time Canvas users some ideas for using it with their students.

BUT with time we might become more ready to jump on Bridge. 

Community Advocate
Community Advocate

Yes it's great to see this example of an institution that is using both systems. I'm looking forward to some of the assessment tools that are in Bridge becoming part of the Canvas system. I think the factoid question type would be an excellent addition to an instructor's toolkit for formative assessments.

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