Building a Library of Free Online Books

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(June 15, 2017) Presented by laurakgibbs

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I also made a kind of personal challenge to go with the official Quest... details here: 


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I really liked this one! Thanks!

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Hi‌ I am glad! 

This semester I am focusing on going back through the free books and finding the ones with illustrations so that I can create Flickr albums that show the illustrations. It's easy to update the blog posts: it's like Freebookapalooza version 2.0.

Here's an example of an updated blog post with info about illustrations 🙂

Freebookapalooza: Williston. Hindu Tales 

That's a nice thing about using blogs for content management: you can "upgrade" the post later on based on new goals.

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Laura, I missed this somehow...where do these free books live after you identify them.  Do you house a bookshelf in Diigo and your blog links back to each book there?

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I use a combination of blog post (where I can list the table of contents, making the blog very good for searching) AND Diigo, which allows me to send a specific link to a student that contains a specific subset of books.

So here is the blog:


And here's a typical Diigo link; if I know a student is interested in 1001 Nights, for example, I can send this Diigo link:

Diigo: 1001nights 

The Diigo links go to the blog post. 

Different tools for different purposes, and my online world basically runs on a combination of blogs, Diigo, and Twitter. 🙂