Can•Innovate: Quick Fixes Using Tools to Create Accessible Content

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This is a concurrent session.


In this presentation, see faculty using the Canvas accessibility checker, Grackle (free tool for Google files), Adobe Acrobat DC, and Ally, to create original accessible files and to identify and fix accessibility issues in older resources in a Canvas course. Get some tips about how to use each of these tools efficiently to maximize faculty time and student accessibility.

By the end of the session, participants will be able to:
1) Utilize tools to create accessible content in Canvas and for attached resources 
2) Utilize tools to remediate inaccessible content in Canvas and attached resources


Registration information can be found on the session page: Quick Fixes Using Tools to Create Accessible Content. All sessions will be recorded.

Can•Innovate: Brought to you by the CVC-OEI

In support of California's 114 community colleges that use Canvas, Can•Innovate showcases creative practices in online teaching and course design. Communities that share together, innovate together.

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Just a reminder that Can•Innovate: Quick Fixes Using Tools to Create Accessible Content‌ will begin in approximately 35 minutes.



Is there a recording of this presentation?



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Community Advocate

Thank you for your interest in Can•Innovate. Yes, session recordings should be available any day. I'll update this CanvasLIVE page with a link to the recording as soon as I can.

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I have been teaching in a technology-mediated environment since the days of HyperCard and teach classes in history, online student success, and how to be a health care IT trainer. Every day I learn more about Canvas.