Canvas Klatch (November 15)

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The Canvas Klatch is an online office hour for the CRC Online Teaching Institute.



This is an office hour, so whoever attends directs the conversation. It takes place during the fifth week of a 10-week course. The title for this week's module is "Course Design: Integrating Web Resources."

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Always RSVP to an event (whether it's yes/no/maybe). It's a great way to get updates about this session, participate in follow-up discussions, and be notified of upcoming events similar to this topic or with this host. (NOTE: You must activate your community account before RSVPing to any CanvasLIVE event.)
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Community Team
Community Team

Happy Friday, everyone! Just a reminder that Canvas Klatch will being in approximately one hour.

Community Team
Community Team

Special recognition goes out to for leading this event. Thank You has received 50 points for setting up and facilitating this great session!

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