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Mobile learning is more important than ever! In this session, stop by to hear some best practices, pick up some new design tips, ask questions, or to collaborate. There is so much value within the Canvas Student, Canvas Teacher, and Canvas Parent app. We'll do our best to get you started and to provide some clarity of some of the most used (and loved) features.



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Hi, everyone, a reminder that will start at the top of the hour (in about 40 minutes), at 2:00 PM EDT.


I have an ongoing class that conflicts with this time period. Could you please record this Zoom meeting so that we can watch it later?

(I've heard that many professors also record their class meetings on Zoom so that students can watch it again.)

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Thanks to our mobile superheroes Thank You  and Thank Youfor conducting this wonderful open Q&A session to answer any and all questions about Canvas Mobile. Kristin and Ryan have each received 50 points for setting up and facilitating this great event!

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Thank you so very much! I am so appreciative.

Mente Piccoli

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You're welcome,  (and here's a slightly belated) Welcome to the Canvas Community! We're looking forward to seeing you here. Smiley Happy


Thanks so much! I really had fun hanging out with you!

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Thank you

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