CanvasLIVE (2018-2-23): The New Events Portal!

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One of my favorite aspects of the Canvas Community is the constant change. It's always evolving to make content more visible, members more networked, and Canvas more transparent. And CanvasLIVE is no exception. It's one corner of the community that continuously sees iterations in an effort to stay up-to-date.

You may have noticed some changes over the last day in CanvasLIVE... a new look and focus. Read on to learn about these updates and our reasons behind them.

CanvasLIVE as a portal for all events.

Yes, we're calling it a 'portal'. Smiley Happy In 2017, our efforts were focused in supporting members in hosting more virtual events. We soon realized that Canvas users were also hosting a lot of on-site meet-ups, too! Although we had a dedicated space in the community called "Conferences and Events" to promote various face-to-face activities (workshops, conferences, user days, etc.) it felt very disparate from CanvasLIVE, which was quickly growing into an 'event hub' of sorts. So, we consolidated. We've added 2 more categories "online" and "on-site" to better sort events in CanvasLIVE. We also imported events from "Conferences and Events" and deleted that area from the community.

CanvasLIVE serves up more information regarding Instructure events.

Most of the events hosted by Instructure are listed on the CanvasLMS website - from CanvasCons to InstructureCon to the various tradeshows in between. Although we have dedicated spaces in the community for InstructureCon and have hosted CanvasCons sessions within CanvasLIVE (specifically, if a session was livestreamed or repeated), we wanted to cross-reference events more efficiently. So, expect to see all CanvasCons listed as part of upcoming events, InstructureCon spaces cross-promoted in CanvasLIVE, as well as, links to other events. OOoooh!

CanvasLIVE sunsets its user group.

The CanvasLIVE user group started off as a focus group (in early 2016) when we were initially launching the 'new' CanvasLIVE. Then, it quickly morphed into an area dedicated to helping members coordinate various CanvasLIVE events (it made sense not to clutter the main CanvasLIVE area with additional discussions around event brainstorming and logistics). Every once in a while we would throw in a poll as a "pulse check" on different presentation/topic ideas or post requests for presenters for an event we were coordinating. But in the future, we will surface these requests in CanvasLIVE or other areas of the community, accordingly.

CanvasLIVE stays alive!

As always, thanks for your patience through these different evolutions. We encourage you to add and promote your events, whether they are face-to-face or on the web. And continue to 'follow' (and get other members to follow) CanvasLIVE, cuz we've got a few surprise events in store for this year that you won't want to miss.


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biray@instructure.comI'm busting to know more. We are wanting to restart our online training Bootcamps soon. Can this space support such things?

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Hi‌ - CanvasLIVE is a place to post your events. If you are doing your online trainings and would like to promote them here so others users in the Canvas Community can potentially sign up or participate, then yes - this space will support that. Smiley Happy Does that help clarify?

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Perfectly AND excitingly.


Watch this space!

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COOL!!!! I will! Smiley Happy

Community Member‌ I just created an event Tech Talk for OESP: Using Modules and will follow up with the rest of the "Tech Talk" series for a class I am teaching this semester. Each will begin with a focused presentation on a particular tool (hopefully shorter than 15 minutes) that will be recorded and shared with the class (and on the CanvasLIVE page) and then the rest of the hour is a free-for-all for anyone who attends. I have made CanvasLIVE events for the office hours I hold in another class on how to use Canvas (the most recent was today's Canvas Klatch (February 28): "Grinding the Beans"), and the best part is when other Canvas Community members attend from outside our class. That reminds me, I do not see the CanvasLIVE banner at the top of the Canvas Community page anymore. Will it return?

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