CanvasLIVE 8/30/2016: Chatter, Chatter, Everywhere!

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We've over 100 community members in the chatroom and already a full season of Twitter Chats lined up! There is chatter, chatter everywhere in CanvasLIVE! Smiley Happy

I've heard of a #CanvasChat ...

If you've never participated in a Twitter chat before, here's your chance. A "Twitter chat" is a public Twitter conversation around one unique hashtag. In CanvasLIVE (depending on who's hosting the chat), each chat might have a different hashtag​. 

This season​ is hosting a series of Twitter chats specifically for the K12 audience with the hashtag #canvas4elem​. Don't miss the one tonight at #Canvas4Elem: Making Canvas Elementary Friendly​!

We will also continue our general #canvaschat season every other Tuesday at 4pm MST. Next week we have​ bringing you the best of #CanvasChat: Canvas. Mic Drop.

And later in September,​ is starting her Twitter Chats #k12canvaswk1: "But, I don't really like computers..."

RSVP. And get ready for a full hour of fun.

... But a Dad Chat?

Outside of Twitter, there's a whole lotta other chat happening in our chatrooms. Not only are we starting to see some interesting live conversation unfold, but members are creating different open forums or chatrooms, too!​ created a channel for mobile (of course);​ jumped in with "PLC for Math Teachers"; and,​ launched "third-party tools" channel. But no one expected​ to create a place for "Dad Jokes" (Okay, maybe Deactivated user​ expected it).

CanvasLIVE continues to be a place for live chatter. Be it on Twitter or in a chatroom!

Smiley Happy

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Community Coach
Community Coach

:smileygrin: I maintain that Deactivated user​ not only expected, but entirely encouraged it!

Really looking forward to meeting more people over on CanvasLIVE, Kudos to you​ (and the whole team) for putting together an awesome lineup of chats and a new great way to keep in contact with other Canvasers from around the world!

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