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The #CanvasTrivia game series is designed to test your Canvas and Community knowledge. From time to time, the Community Panda launches a set of trivia questions. Players have 24 hours to submit their answers. Winners get points and bragging rights!

How can I prepare for the questions?

If you use Canvas and lurk around in the community (ahem, places like CanvasLIVE, Guides, Release Notes), you should have an advantage in answering the questions. But no guarantees... Questions are designed to help surface trending conversations, bring visibility to new and/or updated features, and give you updates (albeit in a creative way) to the things happening with Canvas!

Can we submit our own questions?

Absolutely! We'll take questions from anyone! Click here to submit your questions (and get a chance to earn extra points). And if your question makes it into a trivia quiz, you'll get some extra bonus points!

How do I write a good question?

  • Make it universal.
    Avoid questions about a unique integration or a functionality that requires customization to CSS/Javascript. Stick to questions about core Canvas.
  • Be accurate.
    Don’t worry about wording, spelling, or being funny. Write solid, smart, accurate questions that offer value.
  • Write questions that are consistent with the documentation.

Make Erin Hallmark happy. She puts great effort into writing the documentation and release notes, so take advantage of that when you write your questions.

  • Make it about people.
    Not everything has to be about Canvas. Are people sharing tidbits about their lives in the Community? Write questions about that.

What are the winning prizes?

Personally, we think the fact you'll be a better Canvas user is reward enough! But since you asked...

  • Winner = 100 points
  • Top 10 = 50 points each
  • People who inspire (Submit questions, write content in the community that inspire questions, etc.) = 10 points

When will winners be announced?

The following Monday!

Will we get a copy of the questions at the end?

In short, yes. Check out Community Panda's Profile page in Quizizzwhere you'll see all past trivia sets. We compile a set of questions and share them the community so you can play with your faculty and staff during your workshops, on-boarding and training sessions! Play them "as is" or create your own Quizizz and add questions from our question banks to yours!

Any other advice?

Drink your coffee. Put your panda face on. And, get ready to bring it. Cuz, every week, it's ON!!

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