Creating a Culture of Lifelong Learning in Higher Education

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NOTE: This session features BRIDGE LEARN, Instructure's corporate LMS. It's an effort to showcase ways higher ed institutions can effectively leverage both Canvas and Bridge within their organizations.


Investing in your employees’ professional development can result in engaged, loyal, and productive employees. But you can’t have effective PD without a strong learning culture. And that requires a strategic initiative that is both supported by leadership and enhanced by technology.


Join our panelists from Hutchinson Community College, as they share ways they were able to help faculty and staff re-ignite their passion for learning.


In this webinar, participant will hear about:

  • Ways Bridge seamlessly integrates into the College's technical framework through its APIs and 3rd party integrations

  • Opportunities to create user experiences that are value-add to employees (not just busy work)

  • Strategies to streamline ways to surface new ideas and innovative solutions to existing programs



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