Empowering students personal and social capabilities through Canvas

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Presenter Melissa Bray eLearning Integrator St Peters Girls School

Our students are emerging from our educational institutions into an ever changing landscape with ethical human stewardship, at the helm. Automation. Big Data. Over population. Eroding trust in governance. Global warming. All big ideas for most Gen-X, Y, or Baby-Boomers. However all realities our current students will have to forge new and creative solutions for. Never before has it therefore been so critical that students are empowered to problem solve with empathy, self-awareness, collaboration across borders, courage and creativity. Against this backdrop, this presentation will allow educators to experience how Canvas:

• Provides students with the opportunity to build their self efficacy

• Enables students to develop their emotional intelligence

• Fosters a shift from having student leaders to giving students the power to lead

• Empowers students to become intentionally responsible, digital citizens.

• Allows students to own their learning in meaningful ways.

• Provides teachers with the opportunity to position canvas as a social connector to achieve these learning environments for students to flourish. Ultimately this presentation will empower teachers to teach and learners to learn in a way that together, we can face the future with confidence

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