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Engage K-12: Use Project-Based Learning to Engage Students

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(June 13, 2017) Presented by  @nicholina_wilso ‌

For session details, additional resources, and follow-up discussions, please visit the event page

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I appreciated the point that PBL enables differentiation - it's a big topic for our district.  I'm constantly looking for how differentiation has benefits to the teacher and students.

I had not fully considered focusing grading the process rather than the product - I'm going to have to think on that one.  I would need to skillfully identify the standards and what students need to know to be able to do that effectively.  Thank you for putting that out there.

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PBL IS the bridge between the classrooms we have now and the ones that may be commonplace by mid-century. Imagine PBL that uses virtual and augmented reality technology—how much more immersive units of study will be for students!