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GROUPIES: Assignments for Groups

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(March 28, 2017) Presented By:  @RobDitto ‌ and  @lindalee ‌

For session details, additional resources, and follow-up conversation, please visit the event page: 

Community Advocate
Community Advocate

Our SIS system only transfers assignment grades that are assigned to "Everyone".  If we want to differentiate and assign to groups, any grades need to be transferred manually.  Kind of a bummer, but the group differentiation in Canvas is pretty cool!

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Sorry to have missed the live presentation, but so glad to have the recording.  Clarifying groups is very helpful to me, especially as a new Canvas user.  Hearing & seeing the steps for assigning groups helps me to support teachers plan and prepare for differentiated and small group instruction.

Well done!  

I'll check the rest of Groupies.

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Be sure to watch the entire GROUPIES series, hosted and developed by  @RobDitto ‌ and  @lindalee ‌!


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If you use Group Assignments in your courses, you might be interested in the‌ feature idea.


Rob; Linda:

Excellent presentation- very clear explanations on the logic of the tools and what to look out for when implementing.

I really liked the way groups can be assigned different assignment options.


hallmans, thanks! So glad to know this is helpful.

Community Advocate
Community Advocate

Thanks  @biray  for the great video series! I really like all the options with groups. Also,

 @RobDitto  and  @lindalee  thanks for continually sharing what your faculty has experienced within Canvas its been very helpful to visualize what my school might experience and it helps me to be proactive as I help with the PD roll out!. (PS-I teach at a public high school about 30 miles from UPenn!) 

Explorer II

Which SIS are you referring to?

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I like that Canvas allows for closed group discussions and that they have their own discussion forum.  When we teach different class periods in K-12 it allows us to create "groups" instead of "sections."  Thank you for your presentation.

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Community Advocate

We use eSchool.