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Get Ready to Binge-Watch InstructureCarn!

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The holidays are just around the corner and what better way to spend the downtime then binge-watching InstructureCon 2018‌ session recordings! (We doubt there's this level of professional development on Netflix.)

Of course, there are 130+ sessions from which to choose! This makes it a bit challenging to know which video to start. So, we created the following playlist purely based on two metrics: play rate (videos that were clicked and played) and engagement rate (% of the video watched). Based on this analysis, the TOP 20 videos were determined.

TOP 20

Click here to see the FULL LIST OF INSTRUCTURECON 2018 VIDEOS.

We want to hear from you! Feel free to link to your favorites below. Or go to the video and share your feedback with a 'like' or a comment.

Happy viewing.

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Biray (and the Events Team)

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Thanks Biray!


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Community Coach

Wow! Super excited and honored that my presentation made the list!! 🙂

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 @biray  Thank You for collecting these and especially for including how the list was curated. This is one of the Canvas Community posts that I can just copy and paste to share with my fellow faculty. And of course encourage them to become active members!

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So, is Canvas going to lure me back again?   (We'll see... )   

Community Coach
Community Coach

Maybe... 🙂

Community Coach
Community Coach

Image result for come back!

Community Coach
Community Coach

I did just that,  @GregoryBeyrer  , then also cherry-picked a few for special targeted distributions!

This really is great,  @biray  !

I always distribute the links to the InstCon recordings when first released, but you have reminded us that they continue to have value and can be revisited throughout the "off-season", so to speak. And what a nice selection!

I wish Comcast included an InstCon streaming channel. Although, my new humongous TV will let me play these from my mobile device to the big screen. Now, time to get into my one-piece flannels, pop an extra large bowl of popcorn and get my holiday break on!  Life just got better.

Oh God, I really am a geek! But I am a happy geek!