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Getting Started: Let's Talk about Modules, Pages & Assignments 10am PST

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Community Advocate
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Designed for NEW Canvas users. This will be a slow-paced discussion on how you can organize your Canvas course using Modules, Assignments, and Pages. We will talk about "Sandbox" courses and best practices. There will be plenty of time for questions. 

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I can not log in in meet

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I don't think it has started yet. 10 am pacific time. 

 @lauragarcia ‌

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The start time should be1 pm EST.

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Yay, Andrea Earl, sooooo proud of my SAUSD, OCCUE amazing colleague and friend!! 

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I can't get in either. gets me right back here.

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Community Advocate

Hi Rosie, 

Were you able to get in? If not, here is a link to the recording. 

Getting Started with CANVAS LMS Live - YouTube 

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I did get on but I didn't understand a thing. Most teachers have used this

program, but I only know Google classroom. I am a slow learner too!

On Thu, Jul 16, 2020 at 6:06 PM <>

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Becki, If you are with SAUSD then I suggest you sign up for the course Growing with Canvas.  I think it is very helpful in getting started, and you go at your own pace.   Once I got through how to upload the  assignment part, the rest came easy.....I'm a slow learner too!

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I did. thanks.  R.

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I was but I was double booked and had to lead another training


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