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Canvas Studio is a new tool that helps to make teaching with video more intuitive and learning more interactive. Studio helps professors make videos that are not only intuitive and interactive, but also collaborative.

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Make sure to register before the session starts.  You will be provided with your own calendar event and a unique link to click on once the session starts.


Studio (formerly ARC) is a simple and easy to use video management tool that allows faculty and students to drag and drop videos into Canvas or create original content via either webcam or screen capture - ideal for instruction, demonstrations, simulations, and stimulating discussions. Students can engage, comment, discuss, and ask questions - and their comments appear right on the video with timestamps. Professors can follow up with their own explanations, answers, or additional probing questions.

Studio is not simply a repository of passive videos. It offers analytics that allow professors to see who has watched (or hasn't watched) content, and for how long and which parts each student watched. Professors can also review comments and discussion content.

In this webinar, we will explore how to use Studio as a collaborative video tool within a Canvas course. We will demonstrate how to record and upload video, as well as embedding content - including virtual reality (VR) videos from YouTube. We will then explore various ways to use Studio within assignments, on content pages, as a quizzing tool, or as a vehicle for collaboration or discussions. Finally, we will review the analytics to assess which students are watching content, for how long, and which parts of the video students might be skipping.


Things we will demonstrate:

  • Uploading or recording video
  • Embedding content
  • Using studio as a graded assignment (quiz or discussion tool)
  • Assessing the video analytics and student activity


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Hi, everyone, a reminder that will be starting just about one hour from now (at 1:00 PM EDT).

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A great big round of applause goes out to snufer Thank You  for leading this event. Sean has received 50 points for setting up and facilitating this great session!

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Thanks!  This was a great topic to explore.

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Here is a recording of today's session:

One thing I neglected to mention during the webinar is that if you want to incorporate a 360 spherical video, then it is best to upload it to YouTube and then import the video into Studio from YouTube.  Then you will get full functionality.  

A final note is that studio works in the Canvas mobile apps.  

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