Hacking the Platform: Using the LMS to inspire transformation

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Presenter Chrissy Grubbs Learning Designer

Presenter Juliet Buchanan Senior Learning Designer

Swinburne University of Technology

Transitioning from one learning management system is a significant undertaking for any learning institution, requiring extensive training and support for staff. Swinburne University of Technology’s has used the shift to Canvas as a first stage to spark a wholesale transformation of teaching and learning across the university. This presentation explores how this challenge has been approached both through the creation of blended learning materials and, more importantly, through the creation of a specific suite of training materials designed to inspire staff to rethink the learning experience. Called ‘Canvas Enhancements’, the Learning Transformations Unit, the university’s central teaching and learning unit has created a suite of short videos intended to spark user’s exploration of the platform. This includes using the video and audio recording features within the platform to improve the student feedback and using the time-stamps on shared pages to create wiki-style learning spaces. The intention is to encourage a ‘hacker mindset’ among staff, encouraging a playful approach to extend the possibilities of the platform, while backed by sound pedagogical principles.

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