Learn the Basics of HTML in Canvas

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When creating a content page within Canvas, the default view is the rich text editor. Have you ever been curious about what the HTML Editor is and how to use it? Find out at this webinar (spoiler alert, it's really not as challenging as it might seem).


Every webpage on the internet is written in a computer language called HTML (hypertext markup language). This is a set of symbols and codes – a language – that computers use to speak to each other. This language is then translated in our web browsers in order to display the content to us.

It is possible to design a fully functional course in Canvas without every knowing any HTML. But the rich text editor does have some limitations, and learning the basics of how to code in HTML will open up a world of functionality. Additionally, knowing HTML will better ensure that your content shows up correctly and will help you identify and troubleshoot problems.

There are times when it might be faster to make a change in the HTML editor, or when you need greater control of the formatting. Copying and pasting content from MS Word or other processing platforms can lead to formatting issues. Knowing the basics of HTML is not very challenging and in little time you can learn to make and/or format a simple content page yourself.

In this webinar, we will explore some of the online tools and resources available to you as you learn HTML, and we will practice together to make a basic webpage.

This webinar will be best if you can have access to either two monitors or two devices, so that you can follow along


Learning Objectives

  1. Explore the basic functionality and structure of HTML
  2. Identify the essential HTML tags
  3. Practice formatting a page in Canvas using HTML


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