Leveraging the Openness of the Platform Through LTI or Customisation

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Community Coach
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Presenter Renaat De Muynck Staff Member Digital Learning Team Artevelde University College

Thanks to the openness of the Canvas platform, Artevelde University College in Ghent (Belgium) was able to extend the possibilities of its new LMS launched in September 2018. Our lead developer will show and tell the audience how several of our custom made LTI tools were implemented, such as:

Peer assessment: We have created our own peer assessment tool with a deep integration using LTI and the Canvas API as well as some UI customizations. ECTS sheets: The ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) sheets (course outline) provided by our SIS are fully integrated in the Canvas courses. Reading lists: Our library services platform allows the creation of reading lists. These can now be integrated into Canvas courses. Besides the LTI integrations, a number of user interface customizations have been realized as well, e.g. :

Reordering courses: Users can now reorder the courses on their dashboard. Recycle bin: The hidden course recycle bin is now available. SIS course restrictions: Course admins are unable to change certain settings in automatically created courses. These can no longer be deleted or concluded as well. And many more …

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