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Presenter Danny Liu Senior Lecturer The University of Sydney

One of the largest elephants in the learning analytics room is its lack of uptake by and impact on real educators and students. Meanwhile the amount of data available about students is growing as quickly as cohort sizes and time pressures seem to be. But, do we have the right data? And are we able to help educators do something meaningful with that data and make the large class feel small again? At the University of Sydney, a couple of cowboy educators decided to take matters into their own hands and built a flexible tool to address these issues. The tool, which already allowed educators to collect, analyse, and use rich offline and other data about students, has been made even more powerful by connecting it with online data from Canvas via the API. We'll draw on a number of real examples to demonstrate the kinds of data educators really want, and how they use this data to personalise students' learning experiences, including providing richer feedback and tailored learning support. This tool is in use by over 2000 tertiary educators from a range of disciplines, and has improved student performance, reduced attrition, enhanced engagement, and even helped educators win awards. Our experiences will be helpful for admins and educators exploring the possibilities of analytics, especially from the angles of purpose, educator adoption, and student impact.

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