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Mobile Series: Formative Assessments

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(Nov. 13, 2014) Learn ways Canvas polls, quizzes, surveys, and assignments can be leveraged from a mobile device as formative assessments in your classroom. [Presenters:  @biray ​,  @rseilham ​, Tommi Barrett-Greenly]

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There are several great ideas in this video.  I have downloaded the Canvas Polls app, but I have not had a chance to apply it in a course yet.  I also found it interesting that Google Forms can be embedded within Canvas.  I was not aware of this.  Something else for me to play with. Smiley Happy

Community Coach
Community Coach

Formative assessment is a big focus for our staff at the moment. This will be a big selling point for using Canvas for us. Thank you!

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Will Canvas Polls be wrapped into Canvas Student in the next iteration?

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Excellent presentation. I like the tip to use the option for one question at a time for students who might be taking a quiz on a mobile device. The hassle factor is probably worse for the student on a mobile device who has to make sure they swipe everywhere compared to a student on a laptop or desktop who has to do a bunch of extra clicks.

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Another terrific video  @rseilham ‌.  I downloaded the Canvas Polls app, I don't see how to assign a poll to a class.  Do the polls provide me with feedback from specific individuals or does it just provbide me with numbers and/or percentages?

Community Coach
Community Coach

 @wwolf ‌: Thanks, I appreciate the feedback. As for Canvas Polls, you will only get anonymous group feedback. The ability to view individual feedback doesn't current exist. 

As for adding a poll to a class, I'd like to direct you to the Canvas Poll guides. These should help you get started: 

Mobile on!