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Office Hour for K-12 Educators & Admins with Misty

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Hello! I am Misty, a Canvas Advocate and Canvas administrator for a K-12 district in North Texas. Is your campus/school/district/whatever making the full time move to Canvas? Are you feeling overwhelmed? Do you have questions about building courses and creating content in Canvas? Or maybe, you feel great and just have a quick question? Either way, stop by and ask away! I can't promise I will be able to answer every question asked, but I will do my best. Anyone looking for a little help getting their Canvas course up and going is welcome to attend!

The agenda will be fluid, the questions you ask will guide our time. Feel free to stop in for a few minutes or stay the entire time and listen to other questions too. The great thing about office hours like these, you do what fits your need!


The Zoom link will prompt you to download Zoom for your computer or mobile device.  Zoom will be needed to join this meeting.

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