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Partner Webinar: Connect Curriculum to Instruction Using Ogment with Canvas

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This session is part of the Canvas Partner Days, a recurring event (every other month) to highlight our awesome Canvas Partners (plus cool contests and swag giveaways)!


See how Ogment will give you the data you need to continuously improve both curriculum and instruction. By using Ogment with Canvas, you'll can gain a streamlined process for curriculum mapping, course building, content collection, and progress monitoring by using Ogment with Canvas. Ogment collects alignment, usage and performance data, allowing you to analyze course coverage, usage, and performance against your district's curriculum maps at any level of granularity throughout the year.

Webinar Recording
Connect Curriculum to Instruction Using Ogment with Canvas - YouTube 

Partner Profile

The features discussed in this session may require additional paid services of a 3rd party provider. Please check out EvoText Inc. - eLearning Platforms. Educational Products.  for more information.

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