Partner Webinar: Turnitin and Canvas: In the Flow

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Webinar Recording

Turnitin Webcast - Turnitin and Canvas: In the Flow on Vimeo 


Now, we’re not saying that Turnitin and Canvas are “one with each other,” but we’re working on getting there! While we do have in place an LTI integration that works well for some, we recognize that many users are looking for a deeper level integration that better supports their needs.

Join us to hear about the work that we’re doing on building a Turnitin integration to the Canvas Plagiarism Framework. This new integration will support a more seamless integration of Turnitin Similarity Reports with Canvas assignments--giving you the chance to make the most out of Turnitin and Canvas.

This session is great for Canvas administrators and for faculty who want to learn more about how to make the pairing of two great things even better!


Turnitin and Canvas: In the Flow 

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The features discussed in this session may require additional paid services of a 3rd party provider. Please check out Alliance Partner - Turnitin for more information.

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Learner II

Was this recorded by chance? I really wanted to view it, but it hit at a bad time for me as I as traveling.

Community Member

Yes, good info too.  Not sure how they are going to share it though.

Learner II

I am also interested in the recording for sure. I wanted to attend, but it fell at a bad time for me. 


I preregistered for the session and was emailed a (personalized, unfortunately) link to the recording. In theory, others who preregistered on were or will be emailed a recording link.

Learner II

Well, I should have preregistered. Smiley Sad Maybe you can give us a summary if you get a chance, Rob? Smiley Happy 

Learner II

Actually, I dug through my email, registered now, used the link in registration email to register, and accessed the recording by visiting the url in the confirmation email I received. I will try to watch later today and post a  quick summary here. 

Learner II

Alrighty! Here is the 411:

Turnitin is Beta testing a new plugin to replace the old API version, which will be phased out soonish. This new version is being referred to as the "plagiarism framework" version and is for people who want to use the native Canvas assignment tools with the addition of a Turnitin originality report.

Meanwhile, the LTI integration will offer the full suite of Turnitin tools and a forthcoming update will let teachers submit on behalf of students and will let instructors grant extended due dates to individual students.

Going forward, schools that use Turnitin will have the option to use one or both of these integrations

Much of this has been known since Instructurecon, but Jason Chu from Turnitn added some additional details about the way each integration will work. 

I hope that helps anyone who did not catch the webinar. Smiley Happy 

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Rob Ditto is a Technical Director for courseware at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. After nine years managing content delivery technology for several interactive media firms, Rob went "back to school" in 1997, helping Wharton launch its award-winning WebCafe service supporting faculty teaching and student collaboration in the School's group-learning-oriented curriculum. Beginning in 2011, Rob helped bring the Canvas LMS to Penn. Rob holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania.