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Presenters Tony Maguire former RMIT Online Senior Partnerships Manager and now Crystal Delta’s Director of Strategic Partnerships Crystal Delta

Joyce Seitzinger Learning Design Director RMIT Online

Universities considering institutional LMS migrations have traditionally been confronted with 18 to 24 month programs of work typically beset by cost overruns, inconsistent production schedules, reasourng constraints and concerns related to increased academic burden.

RMIT Online, spearheaded the broader university’s ambitious efforts to mitigate the issues mentioned above and complete a and enhanced “lift and shift “project which saw approximately 4000 courses successfully migrated from Blackboard to Canvas within a six-month period.

Critical to this successful outcome was RMIT Online’s partnership with local company Crystal Delta which was initially brought onsite to improve the analytics and provide of DEVOPS capability.

This presentation will:

  • explore how RMIT Online partnered with Crystal Delta to design and implement a highly automated ETL (Extract, Transfer, Load) tool

  • describe initial productivity gains uncovered in RMITO’s own, real-world, test scenarios

  • detail RMITO’s findings from this comparison (with supporting use cases):

o halved course migration time and slashed migration costs, in some cases by over 70%

o established a consistent production schedule

o delivered a predictable course output cadence

o reduced QA issues and academic burden

  • share RMIT and Crystal Delta’s use case when applying Crane at scale to hundred/thousands of courses

  • demonstrate Crane and how RMIT was able to manage critical project risks, build consistency and confidence in daily course production targets and ultimately bring this successful RMIT project in ahead of schedule.

The velocity, consistency and predictability achieved by RMITO in partnership with Crystal Delta was so compelling, that Crane became a key tool within the broader university’s migration project enabling RMIT to meet its aggressive six-month migration goal.

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