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Release Notes (2019-06-01) Collaborative Chat

Community Coach
Community Coach
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With each announcement in Release Notes, we test and question the changes. We also determine whether or not teachers need to be trained on updates. Since so many people do this already (many times on their own), why not share your notes and join a conversation? We'll work asynchronously and synchronously in a chatroom!



We'll take a detailed look at all of the updates in the Canvas Release Notes (2019-06-01)With each update, we'll share our excitement, discuss our concerns, and come up with suggestions to post back to the Community.

  • What excites you about the changes?
  • What doesn't work exactly like described in the Release Notes?
  • What do you wish was different? Are there any new feature ideas that could be shared with others?
  • How do you plan to roll-out some of the updates to your staff or students?


On Wednesday, May 22nd, let's meet synchronously for 45-minutes at 9:30am MST (if a Community Member from Europe or Australia would like to "host" another session also, let Kristin know!) If you can make the synchronous chat, awesome! The more the merrier, but don't feel you are required to attend a synchronous chat in order to participate in the chat!


Additional Resources

  • Participants will need to sign up for a free Fleep account. It's easy to sign in using a Google or Microsoft email address. The link to this event's chat will be posted shortly after the publication of the Release Notes.
  •  All other documents will be linked in a comment at the conclusion of the synchronous chat.

Always RSVP to an event (whether it's yes/no/maybe). It's a great way to get updates about this session, participate in follow-up discussions, and be notified of upcoming events similar to this topic or with this host. (NOTE: You must activate your community account before RSVPing to any CanvasLIVE event.)
Community Team
Community Team

Hi everyone, we're looking forward to seeing you in the approximately one hour from now (at 11:30 AM EDT).

Community Team
Community Team

Many thanks to  @klundstrum  Thank You  for leading today's Release Notes chat. Kristin has received 50 points for setting up and facilitating this great session!

For more on how YOU can host a CanvasLIVE event, check out How do I set up a CanvasLIVE event?

Community Contributor

As always thank you for setting up and hosting this chat  @klundstrum ‌ it's so useful to engage the hive mind! Apologies again for ducking out early.


Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi! Here are our Collaborative Notes and the Chat Archive

See you in three weeks! Release Notes (2019-06-22) Collaborative Chat