Whitelisting LTI's for Your Institution

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Presented by Mark Van de Velde

There are two schools of thought for Institutions when it comes to managing LTIs (Learning Tool Interoperability) in Canvas. The first is to allow teachers full access to install any LTI, giving them control in selecting and using the tools they feel best fit with their teaching needs. However, this approach brings with it a long list of risks, including support issues and security concerns. Because of these risks, Institutions typically prefer the second option, where a limited selection of site-wide LTIs meeting the institution’s core needs are installed. However, this option comes at a cost of significantly reducing the flexibility teachers are looking for.

This presentation makes a case for offering a whitelist of LTIs to teachers as a solution. Canvas allows for such a whitelist to be managed from the eduappcenter which teachers Institution-wide can take advantage of. By introducing such an institutionally approved whitelist of LTIs, Swinburne University of Technology has been able to offer the usual core LTIs installed at the site-wide level, and our whitelist, offering a large selection of relevant and tested LTI’s that allows teacher to explore and choose from based on their teaching needs. This presentation will outline the LTI management policy Swinburne has put in place, specifically how LTIs on the whitelist were chosen, and report on current progress with its implementation.

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