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CanvasLIVE is your virtual faculty/staff lounge.
CanvasLIVE is where community members host and/or participate in different live events. Come deepen your friendships and enjoy a collegiate chat. Or, troubleshoot Canvas issues and drop some edu-tech knowledge. Whatever you decide, take time out of your week to enjoy face-to-face connections with your Canvas peers, virtually.

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Instructure Alumni
Instructure Alumni

ICYMI: "Using GIFs in your Classes" explores what GIFs are, how to create and use them, and why you should incorporate them into your course content.

  • Where to find GIFs online
  • how to use the SnagIt platform to create your own fantastic content

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Check out the Video Recording my the CanvasLive Session from yesterday, April 13, 2021, "Teaching through Announcements."

If you watch the video, please complete this Google Form to let me know where you are from. You might receive something in your Inbox.😊

Here is also the Community Blog Post that includes several other resources.

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Join me and the community on April 13, 2021, from 1:30-2:30 (MST) for this live webinar session.

Canvas Live Session _ Teaching Through Announcements.png

Zoom Link:
This webinar will be delivered via Zoom. No registration required, but there is a 300 seat capacity. 

I hope you join me and other Canvas Pandas to learn and discuss how to leverage Announcements for student learning.

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Community Member

Series #1 Topic: Respondus LockDown Browser, & the Collaboration Tool in Canvas LMS for World Languages Educators.


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A funcionalidade Caminhos de Domínio que existe dentro dos Cursos Canvas usa Módulos e diferentes opções de tarefas para criar trilhas de aprendizagem personalizáveis aos alunos. É uma excelente forma de adaptar os conteúdos de aprendizagem para cada aluno baseado em seu desempenho ou mesmo permitir que o próprio aluno escolha os conteúdos pedagógicos que deseja consumir!


Público Alvo

  • Professores / Instrutores
  • Autores de Cursos e Designer Instrucional
  • Administradores da Plataforma
  • Administradores de Conteúdo e Cursos



Nesta sessão serão apresentados os benefícios pedagógicos da funcionalidade Caminhos de Domínio. Demonstraremos na prática como configurar, aplicar e gerenciar trilhas de aprendizagem em um curso Canvas e como utilizá-las para criar estratégias de ensino adaptativo e ensino personalizado em sua disciplina do Canvas!


Informação Adicional

  • Esta sessão será gravada e compartilhada nessa mesma página junto com o material complementar utilizado.
  • Utilizaremos a videoconferência Zoom em nosso encontro.
  • Data e Horário: 19 de Março, 16 às 17h (Horário de Brasília).



Confirme sempre sua participação no evento (Sim / Não / Talvez). É uma ótima maneira de obter atualizações sobre esta sessão, participar de fóruns de acompanhamento e ser notificado sobre os próximos eventos semelhantes a este tópico ou deste apresentador. (NOTA: Você deve ativar sua conta na comunidade antes de confirmar sua participação em qualquer evento CanvasLIVE).




  Acesse a gravação e material deste evento em: Caminhos de Domínio do Canvas - Trilhas de Aprendizagem

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Instructure Alumni
Instructure Alumni

Presenter Grant Harbor Director Digital Pedagogy St Andrew's Institute of Learning

Now, 2 years into our Canvas implementation, St Andrew's Anglican College has seen the benefits of Canvas as a feedback tool for both formative and summative tasks. We are now transitioning to a simple academic transcript as our formal ""report"" and using Canvas as the focus point for a continuous reporting platform.

This talk will discuss the types of Canvas feedback we are generating for students and parents with examples. We will look at some of the LTI tools which when plugged into Canvas feedback to the mark book for a central picture of progress. It will cover our strategy to shift the staff, parents and students model of reporting, and will discuss the ""warts and all"" process that we've been going through to make feedback and reporting more meaningful to our students and parents as well as simpler for our teachers.

Genuine ""real time"" reporting and feedback is a vision at our College, and we see that Canvas is a part of that larger puzzle."

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New Member

This is a recording of a Canvas LIVE session that was done below: 

Download all peer reviewers/scores using Rubrics API 


Participants who watch the recording will learn about:

  • How peer graded assignment data can be pulled from Canvas backend using the Rubrics API call
  • How to use Postman to pull data and how to use advanced functions in Excel to average the data


Recording runtime is approximately 1 hour.

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