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Can the transcript distinguish between successfully completed courses (all module requirements completed) and courses that have simply expired?

The learner transcript seems to ignore completion requirements when placing courses in the "Completed" category. For example, we have a 14-days-to-complete course that the student below failed to complete in the allotted time. The analytics shows the status as "Not Completed," the student's dashboard described the course as "Expired" and does not display the certificate of completion, but the Transcript lists the course as "Completed" and states the student has "Earned Credits" for this course.

This seems inappropriate for courses with module requirements/certificates. The course may have ended (either for everyone or just for this student) but unless the student completed the requirements he did not "complete" the course in a meaningful way.catalog transcript #module requirements

transcript describing a course as completed, despite the student failing to complete the required modules

student dashboard showing course is expired and no certificate is available

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I noticed this also, and I don't like it.

We offer Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) to help licensed applicators renew their licenses. I am concerned that users will use their PDF Transcript to show the state legal agency for their CEU verification, but not actually complete the courses. I need to inform the state's Department of Ag that the system has this cliche, and that they need to look at the certificates themselves instead of the Transcript. This is a bit inconvenient.

The same thing goes for us Kathy -- our Catalog Administrators tell their students to download the certificate instead of the Transcript. They customize the certificate to mention the CEU verification.

Explorer III

We share the above concerns.  An additional question from us:  What happens when student wants to print all courses he/she has completed.  This would lead to a combination of certificates and transcripts?   Seems to defeat the purpose of transcript entirely....

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Community Advocate

Maybe it is worthwhile to mention it to  @jfenton ‌ since multiple people are seeing this issue and it is important to note.

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I'm not sure if this is related, but I have recently noticed a new category added to the Student Dashboard in our Beta instance (screenshot below). Is this part a plan that is making its way to production and/or a step towards addressing the transcript issues?

screenshot showing the new "Not Completed" category added to the Student Dashboard