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Community Advocate
Community Advocate

Canvas Community August 6th Launch

Hi everyone,

The new and improved Canvas Community will be launching on August 6th. A few items to note:

  • Feature ideas will be replaced with star ratings
  • There hopefully will be no broken links to content (blog posts, guides, and documents)
  • Groups will be called Group Hubs
  • However, if you set up notifications these will need to be redone

Here are some helpful links about the timing and etc.:


New platform support website: 


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Learner II

Is this link to valid? 

They are hosting the canvas community platform, but I dont think this is what was expected when selecting the link?

Explorer II

Hi Jessica,

Any one else having issues with broken links to community sites post cutover?  

Our  "Little lost? Try here first!"
         Search the Canvas Guides

at the top of our Help menu in our instance is broken as are both of the links you shared:

We are finding almost all of the links we made pointing to the community pages are broken and are now looking to review all of our links to guides and documentation on our Canvas support site to determine the scope of required corrections.

Based on discussion with our CSM we expected the links for most of the content to work after the move to Khoros.  Hoping that if possible Instructure is moving to address this.  




YUP! Our institution is having the same issue. I am waiting to see when everything will be fixed.

Thanks for the reply.  I found another post which has the link to the Status page where this issue is currently being worked by Instructure.


Thanks for the heads up!

According to the Status page:

Resolved - Users are now able to access the Canvas Community as expected.
Aug 7, 14:20 MDT


However, while some progress has been made, all is NOT resolved. Based on my experience, both from links in our help sites and using Google to try to find the guides, some links seem to be redirecting (no longer broken), but others are still broken. Some links now go to the incorrect page.

For example, the link that had formerly gone to "What are Announcements" has started to go to "What are new analytics". If you search Google for Canvas What are Announcements, the first hit shows a snippet of the correct page, but if you click through, you get to learn about New Analytics. This is very frustrating.

We start our orientations for new students and students who will be shifting to online on Monday, and I don't appreciate having to spend my weekend searching for and fixing not only links that go to the Page not found message, but also to incorrect pages.

I hope this is fixed sooner, rather than later.



Explorer II

Another issue: I don't see the comments anymore on the Release notes pages. On the main page you see that there are 33 comments for the release notes of 2020-08-15. If I click the link to these release notes, I don't see any comments (the same applies for previous releases)

Comments I do not think transferred over into the new version.

Community Advocate
Community Advocate

That looks like the site that the Community admins shared.