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Surveyor II

Catalog Enrollment -> Canvas Enrollment didn't complete?

A student encountered an issue when trying to register for a free course.

The student shows up in the revenue report multiple times in catalog, but did not show under "people" as a student in the course in canvas.

A few weeks ago, I registered for this course and received an email confirmation but when I tried to access the course through canvas it says, "problem with your registration". From this notice, I attempted to re-register for the course but when I clicked on to enroll in course it says there is an "error processing my registration".

We contacted support who impersonated the student and was able to register with their account successfully. Has anyone encountered this issue before? I'm hoping it was just a blip, but my team wanted me to check with the community about it.


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Community Advocate
Community Advocate

I have seen this a few times if the person has been enrolled through Canvas or has recently enrolled. What I have done is dropped the person by masquerading or have asked them to drop and re-enroll. But, if you have the feature that Canvas enrollments go back to Catalog if you remove them from the course in Canvas these will be reflected as well as a drop. I hope this makes sense.

Thanks Jessica! I think that our issue was in the opposite direction. They weren't showing up on the Canvas side, they were only showing up in the revenue/enrollment reports on the catalog side. It was like their enrollment in the course kept failing, but the catalog was still logging them as having registered.


Community Advocate
Community Advocate

Are you sure they were not manually enrolled? I would check with support to take a look at the logs.