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Dates Different logged in vs not logged in

Okay, so this is strange.  We wanted to create a 1 day class so we put in Canvas that it was from June 18th from 12am - 11:59pm.  When the user is logged in it Catalog tile displays that it is just 1 day.  When they are not logged in it shows it as two days.  Very strange.  The problem is fixed if I change the times to 2am - 5pm, but seems bad that it shows two different dates depending on if you are logged in.  Anyone else notice this strange bug?

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Yup, we've noticed this. When we're not logged in it displays the start/end

dates translated to Greenwich Mean Time but if we're logged in it

recognizes our personal time zone preferences. So if our course is set to

end July 1, 11:59pm Eastern Standard Time the listing will show an end date

of July 2 when not logged in, July 1 when logged in. If we push the end

time early enough then the GMT time and EST date will coincide so we won't

notice a difference.

Leigh Bernstein

Boston College

On Tue, Jun 18, 2019 at 12:55 PM <>

Has this been reported to support?

Yes, we experience this as well - very confusing for participants who initially see course listings in the catalog and then when they log in, the dates differ

I seem to recall this issue coming up as a discussion item in one of our previous Catalog User Group Meetings.

Learner II

We continue to experience this problem. I posted here.

I appreciate Justin's work around and we are going to try that. I have noticed that it only seems to happen to courses that are in the evening. A majority of our CE courses are 6-10pm. Daytime courses are fine. 

I originally posted the problem in February.  Case #04021677. 

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Community Advocate

Have you reported this to your CSM?