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Days to Complete

Hi All,

We have a Catalog customer who has set their courses to 60 days to complete. In addition, they set their start date for the day they would like their students to enroll in the course. However, we found out today that the Catalog customer found out a student has access to the course content after the 60-day limit. We got told that the 60 days to complete starts on the day the student enrolls in the course in Catalog and then they will no longer have access to the content after the 60 days. The customer has not set an end date to the course since it is on rolling admission. Does anyone know why the student would still have access to the content after the time limit? They cannot set the check boxes for only allowing for students to have access to the course during the start and end date since there isn't an end date.

We would love your advice!


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Community Advocate
Community Advocate

Hi All,

Here is Instructure's response -- it is a limitation of the system:


The way this feature was built in Catalog wasn't intended to lock the users out of the Canvas course, but only restrict them from obtaining a certificate after the 'Days To Complete' have passed. Until our Engineering team is able to investigate this for a possible change in behavior the only way to restrict users is to either remove them from the course after their end dates, or manually check the 'Users can only participate in the course between these dates' for each section, which in this case wouldn't be feasible as there are a lot of enrollments. 

I'll keep this case on hold, but if you have any other questions please let me know.

Thank You,

Caleb Kruger
Canvas Support

In the bit of testing I did, it seems like if you do check the "Restrict" box for the section, the course will disappear from the student's Dashboard (it does not just get grayed out or locked) and will not appear on the PDF Transcript. So the student cannot view the certificate, or see any evidence in Catalog that they took the course (let alone completed it).

Thank you for testing this. We also tried checking the restricted box in Canvas but this didn't work for our customer unfortunately.

Our organization has had endless struggles with determining the settings for accurate transcripts, issuing and availability of certificates, and restricting access after completion. 

Re: How are you going about expiring courses associated with Catalog?

course/section expired; view/download certificate expired

Terminology and Accuracy Of Transcript

I would be tremendously grateful for a matrix indicating the results of each on and off switch as it relates to the transcript and course access. i.e. start dates, end dates, only participate checked/unchecked, restrict viewing after end date checked/unchecked, restrict before start date checked/unchecked,.....and then what happens to everything if settings are activated in a section vs course details.

Catalog was sold to me as a product that could track CE units, hold a transcript, and deliver certificates upon completion. My domestic and international stakeholders have altered budgets and workflows based on these claims. In an attempt to preserve the integrity of my organization, our team spends a tremendous amount of time on damage control and frantically developing strategies (outside of Catalog) to support what was promised.

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Community Advocate

I wish I could help with this --‌.