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Do you have experience with TouchNet and Catalog?

We're thinking about a pilot with Catalog using the TouchNet gateway, and are wondering if anyone using that set-up would be willing to share any gotchas, etc? Thanks in advance!

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kumahata‌,‌ can you guys help with this?

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Hi, we would be happy to talk offline as needed as well.  We have been using Touchnet with Catalog for over a year now with no big gotchas.  We needed to set up a separate touchnet t-link for each sub catalog that wanted to collect payments in order for the funds to be sent to the correct account in our Banner instance.  Processing refunds requires manual info gathering from the downloadable reports.  Any other questions that you may have?



Thanks, Angela! I'll loop back with the folks managing Touchnet and follow up directly if we have specific questions. I really appreciate knowing there weren't any roadblocks for you.

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We use Touchnet as our payment gateway, and we are experiencing some problems. I don't know the full extent of the probelms, but some of our staff does. and can fill you in more on the issues that we have had. You can reach out to me at, too, if you would like.

We are in the process of switching to PayPal. We have been working with our CSM to work out a solution with PayPal.


Hi Kathy! We use PayPal (have been since late last fall). We have run into a couple of issues that we didn't anticipate on the front end that I thought we would share (and if anyone has experiences to overcome this, please let me know!).  The first is that we have some corporations that want to pay for their employees to take continuing and professional education courses; however, some organizations will not allow the use of a company P-card with a Paypal payment application.  The second is that there are more individuals than we realized who have had their Paypal accounts suspended, so can't proceed to payment (who knew that would be a thing?!). Just thought I'd share our experience! We are seeking additional options for payment for our learners.


Thank you very much!! This is very helpful.

We have been working with Instructure on custom script so that we can use PayPal, but the users do not need to create a PayPal account in order to pay. The users will be able to pay with a Credit Card.

Is yours working that way? Do the companies that block PayPal still block the payment if the user doesn't set up a PayPal account and just pay with a credit card?

Did you see this post from Darcy?


With our Paypal setup, individuals can check out as a "guest" and only use a credit card (not needing to have a Paypal Account). We have been told by PayPal that they allow "guest" checkouts a few times, but then the user will be prompted to create/use a PayPal account.  They weren't able to tell us how many transactions are allowed before the prompt.  However, if a user already has a PayPal account associated with their email, it will prompt them to log in.  Not sure if that changes with the custom script, but if it does, that would be a bonus!  

Corporate P-cards, from what we are told, cannot be associated with a Paypal user's wallet, but they technically work with a guest checkout.  Perhaps for those users they could utilize their work email address (anything not associated with a Paypal account) to proceed with their transaction.

My Business Analyst has been the individual setting up our Catalog and ecommerce.  Feel free to reach out to her with any technical questions!  Her name is Adria Roode, 

Hope that helps!!