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Does your institution customize your Canvas Catalog?

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Good morning everyone,

I am just wondering who customized their Catalog such as by:

  • Adding dropdown menus
  • Personalized footer
  • Course Card
  • Shopping Cart
  • Etc.

Would love for you to share Catalog URL and explain how it has been customized.

Thank you in advance,


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You could do this in the custom javascript area. It should remove the button from view. 



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We are just setting up our Catalog this semester but are interested in customization.

We are migrating our training courses from another platform and are looking for ways to hang on to our aspects of gamification, leaderboards, and branding.

Eager to see what gets shared here!

We have gotten most of our customization from‌ at Indiana University! Thanks, Justin!

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I would love to learn more about how to customize, too!! I love the idea of sharing links to your Catalog. Please share your links so I can see what you have done.

Here is what we have done at USU Extension.

We haven't customized, really, just added branding. I want to do more.

Have organizations been able to add a shopping cart? That's been one of our top wish list items at USU Extension!

I need to make an account and play around with it. So, your students can register for multiple courses add them to the shopping cart and pay for them all at once?‌ have you had a chance to play with this yet to see if it's what we are looking for?

I would suggest making a note of this on the feature survey. However, I know that this is on the list since other institutions suggested it. 

Unfortunately, we haven't.

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Boston College (Boston College Catalog) has customized the center "feature-region" between the header and the search/refine bar, but not much else in production.

In Beta (Boston College Catalog BETA) I played around with a couple of subtle customizations. One was making the top-left header logo always link to our main Catalog page. If you use domained subcatalogs (which we have to for our various payment storefronts), this logo defaults to the subcatalog URL. So a student who browses into one of our Nursing courses cannot click out to the main Catalog again.

We also added an "Accessibility" link to the "Course Catalog | Terms of Use | Privacy Policy" list on the Catalog footer.

Happy to share the JavaScript if anyone is curious.