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Community Advocate

Does your institution customize your Canvas Catalog?

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Good morning everyone,

I am just wondering who customized their Catalog such as by:

  • Adding dropdown menus
  • Personalized footer
  • Course Card
  • Shopping Cart
  • Etc.

Would love for you to share Catalog URL and explain how it has been customized.

Thank you in advance,


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On the subject of customization, has any attempted to change the text of the built-in "Categories" dropdown? We at Boston College are interested in using this feature to display our list of subcatalogs (we probably won't be using course-specific tags) and would like the dropdown button to read "Select Catalog" or something like that, since "Categories" is a bit too vague.

I am able to target and rename the similar-looking "Refine" button with the custom JavaScript below, but the same code targeting the "Categories" button seems to have no effect. Any ideas?

$("#search-refine-button--refine > div >").text("Filter/Sort");

$("#search-refine-button--categories > div >").text("Select Catalog");


Thanks for posting! We are continuing to look for ways to customize our subcatalogs for various clients. We are a land grant university with research and extension opportunities. Our users do not recognize our non-credit education efforts when they are visually tied to the parent catalog of the for-credit learning opportunities.‌ catalog user sub catalogs custom 

Hi Leigh, 

I love that you put "New Users" above the registration fields in Catalog. Would you mind sharing your script for this?

Thanks so much!

Hi Leigh,

Was wondering if you'd be willing to share the code you used to add the "Accessibility" link in the Catalog footer?

Thanks in advance,



Have any of you smart people tried to change the "Enroll" button text to something else? For example, when you go to a course in Catalog there's a button that says "$15 Enroll" like this:


We'd love to change this for some courses to "$15 Register", either in a subcatalog on per course. Any ideas?


Community Advocate
Community Advocate

We would love to know about this too. We have not customized this.


Where are you storing your images for the custom banner script?  Amazon S3?  Azure?  Do you suggest a different solution?


Community Advocate
Community Advocate

We are hosting them on AWS.

We are also interested in adding a Categories dropdown where we would list our subcatalogs.  I'd also like to remove the default Refine dropdown, as those search options do not work well for us.  All of our courses are paid, have certificates, and are continuously open.

We did just add a banner, yay!  OSU Extension‌/ created a dropdown that we use -- maybe reach out to them?