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Surveyor II

Proceed to Payment button in Catalog not working for users

Anyone know why we are not able to click "Proceed to Payment" in our version of Catalog?  Could it be an updated security certificate issue?

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Community Advocate
Community Advocate

It is because your CSM has not activated your payment gateway.


We've experienced this problem, even with the Payment Gateway properly linked.

A great deal of students have had issues where the "Proceed to Payment" button has been unresponsive - even without any errors in the form validation / accepting terms & conditions. 

Normally, I've been able to assist them by requesting the use Google Chrome instead of IE / Edge - however Edge is technically still supported by Canvas / Catalog so I am unsure why it would react this way. 

During InsCon '19 I met with a Catalog Engineer & he was not able to think of any obvious reason this was happening - we are considering adding a notice on the New Enrollment page to suggest users only use Chrome.