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Canvas Catalog Release Notes (2016-05-04)

Canvas Catalog Release Notes (2016-05-04)

In this Catalog release, admin reports include additional details in CSV export files and Catalog search displays categories as a filter option.

Canvas Catalog is an all-in-one learning solution that integrates with the Canvas LMS as a course registration system, payment gateway, and learning platform. Learn more about Canvas Catalog.

  New Features



Reports CSV Exports

The Reports CSV export file includes columns for credits, completion data, and enrollment status.


Categories Search

If a catalog includes categories, the catalog search menu includes an option to filter by category. Categories are created from tags added to course or program listings, as well as subcatalog names.



IT appears that when i add a tag to a course on the admin side and save that tag that the course is associated with that tag.  However when i go back into that course on the admin side the tags are no longer listed with that course and if i save again the tags that were once associated with that course are no longer associated.  Is this something is still being developed for categories and tags?  A way to see an easily manage tags associated with a course?

Hi, Justin,

Are you making sure you save the listing after adding the tags? Tags aren't automatically saved when they are added to a listing. As the save button is at the top of the page, sometimes it is easy to forget that part (I've done it as well). The tags should be saved with the listing when the listing is saved. If this isn't the case, please submit a support ticket so our team can make sure things are working correctly for you.

Currently there isn't a way to see which listings are associated with a tag without viewing each individual listing.



Erin, I have been saving the listing.  The tags are not listed at all in each course even after saving.  It appears the tags are still associated with the course as i can still sort the course via the tag.  However, if i go back to that listing's settings the current associated tags are not displayed. And when i click save again the tags are no longer associated with the course since catalog thinks the tag line is blank. I mentioned this to our CSM today and they think it is a bug. 

Thanks, Justin. That definitely isn't intended behavior, so if you haven't already please submit a ticket so our catalog team can review that for you!


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