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Catalog Release Notes (2019-01-29)

Catalog Release Notes (2019-01-29)

In this Catalog release, user-defined fields display in separate columns when exported. When Instructors set course visibility options, the course settings are persistent for all course sections.

The release notes also include fixed bugs.

Canvas Catalog is an all-in-one learning solution that integrates with the Canvas LMS as a course registration system, payment gateway, and learning platform. Learn more about Canvas Catalog.

Updated Features


Analytics Dashboard

User Registrations Export

In the User Registration CSV Export, user-defined fields display in separate columns in the exported file. This update makes viewing and sorting user-defined fields easier in the exported file.

catalog analytics dashboard

catalog user registrations export

Course Settings

Limit Student Access

Course visibility and user participation settings automatically apply to new sections created within a course. This update allows instructors to set visibility restrictions and user participation settings for all sections instead of selecting options for each individual section.

catalog participation dates

Fixed Bugs


Student Dashboard

Student Dashboard and Transcript Course Visibility

When an instructor limits course visibility for students based on start and end dates, courses remain visible in the student dashboard and transcript. Previously, limiting course visibility caused courses to disappear from the dashboard and transcript.


Is it possible to clarify what happens if a student selects a listing in their student dashboard for a course that has passed its end date and is set to restrict students from viewing the course after its end date? More generally, I'm having trouble thinking of why a student might want to have a listing on their dashboard if they can't access the related course. What's the thought behind leaving all listings on the student's dashboard?,

I think the idea is that even if courses are restricted to students, they'll still show up in the Completed or Not Completed tabs of the Student Dashboard. In other words, the course shows up to provide a history or log of past courses, but students will generally not be able to interact with the course (depending on how instructors set up viewing and participation restrictions). Does that help clarify the reasoning?



My institution is new to Catalog, and this is the first Release Notes I've seen. Does this mean that the features mentioned above have now been released? I don't see anything about a release date.,

Great question! Yes, these features are currently in Catalog. The date of the production release is always in the title of the document. The releases for Catalog work a little differently than in Canvas. Release notes are published when new and updated features and bug fixes are deployed to the production environment (for Canvas, release notes are published when features are deployed to a beta environment for user testing). I hope that helps answer your question! 



Thanks so much for the fast reply (and nice feature updates)!

Thanks Nathan, that clarifies things.

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