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Catalog Release Notes (2019-04-22)

Catalog Release Notes (2019-04-22)

In this Catalog release, In this Catalog release, a new Common Checkout Page (CCP) payment gateway option has been added. The option to upload SKUs can be enabled in Catalogs that use the CCP payment gateway.

Catalog release notes indicate features and updates that are currently available in the Catalog beta environment. These updates will be available in production environments on the date indicated by the release notes. You can read more about these changes here: React Update and Release Notes Schedule.

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New Features



New Payment Gateway Integration
Catalog has integrated a new payment gateway using Common Checkout Page (CCP).

The Catalog Info page now includes an Enable SKU Upload option that is currently only compatible with the CCP payment gateway. By default, this option is disabled and can be enabled by catalog and sub-catalog. When this option is enabled within a catalog, SKUs can be added manually to individual listings or bulk uploaded via API.

Enable SKU Upload Option


Can someone explain in detail what this means regarding the payment gateway?


Thanks for the question! The SKU upload option was created specifically to integrate with the CCP payment gateway. (The CCP payment gateway is similar to the other payment gateways that Catalog supports and can be configured by a CSM, but the SKU upload option does not impact any other payment gateway options.) 

Hopefully this helps clarify things for you a little bit. 



Yes, it does. Thank you for clarifying.

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