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Canvas Data Release Notes 2017-09-05

Canvas Data Release Notes 2017-09-05

In this production release of Canvas Data we have bumped to schema version 1.17.0, This change will go live in September 19ths dump. In this production release, we add a field to the Users Table to export the Global IDs for users, deprecate the submission_comment_participant_fact, and add last_activity_at to the enrollment_dim table.

  Added Columns

User DIM


Column NameColumn TypeDescription
global_canvas_idBIGINTThis is the global ID of the user within the Canvas System. It is made up of the Internal Shard ID, and the regular user Canvas ID. This is especially useful for live events, or other API Scripts that use Global IDs.

Enrollment DIM


Column NameColumn TypeDescription
last_activity_attimestampLast time the enrolled user viewed content or took action in the enrolled course

  Changed Tables

Submission Comment Participant Fact

This table is no longer populated in Canvas, and as such is no longer populating current data. This will be removed in a future version of Canvas Data, and all consumers should move off of this.


Hello - am I correct in my thinking that the inclusion of the 'last_activity_at' field in the enrollment dim will serve to show when each person logged into each course, as opposed to Canvas as a whole?  If so, this is indeed a value added change.  


Re: the new last_activity_at field - 

  1. Does this include activity via mobile devices using the Canvas app?
  2. Any recommendations on usage?  For example, with the enrollment dim 'last_activity_at' field we can now see if there is activity within a specific course.  If we also want to see the date of last login to Canvas overall we can couple couple this with the pseudonym dim 'Last Login At' field. 

It's great to see release notes for schema changes. Is there any way that we can get notified when new release notes are published? A notification email list that can be subscribed to would make this even more valuable.

Hey  @a1222252 . You can get release note updates to your community inbox and email notifications straight by _Following_ the Release Notes‌ space. This isn't exactly what I think you're asking for and it would include all release notes so maybe someone else will have another suggestion for you. Here's how you follow the Release Notes space though:

release notes banner with green arrow pointing to follow button

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