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Canvas Data Release Notes (2018-04-19)

Canvas Data Release Notes (2018-04-19)

In this Canvas Data release, the schema version has been updated to 3.0.0. Additionally, the requests table includes a new column and a fixed typo.

Canvas Data is a service that provides institutions with optimized access to all their data for reporting and queries. Learn more about Canvas Data.

Added Columns



developer_key_idbigintID of the developer who accessed this page if the request was made by a developer.

Updated Columns

Fixed Typo

The web_application_action column in the requests table has been updated to fix a typo. Previously the column read as web_applicaiton_action.


Thank you for fixing the typo!  Smiley Happy

I learnt about this new release just now the hard way 😞

  1. SQL query not executing as expected
  2. checked all CanvasData files being pulled down: Yes
  3. checked a log file "ERROR:  extra data after last expected column": ?
  4. looked at the actual data... Ahh a new column as lots of \N at end of line
  5. checked schema - new : developer_key_id bigint
  6. Googled and got to this page

What forum do I need to belong to for a heads up on breaking changes like this? 

I get ~3 emails a day from Instructure but not a particular email on this, which would be useful


Hi  @jago_brown ,

I'm sorry to hear you found out about the changes the hard way! I recommend getting in touch with your Customer Success Manager to be added to the mailing list for Canvas Data release notes. 



Hi Emily,

Thanks. Good advice. I've emailed Funmi now.  I assumed because I setup Canvas for LSBM and have been asking questions about CanvasData for 3 years I would automatically be added to this mailing list 🙂

Thanks again


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