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Canvas Data Release Notes (2019-10-03)

Canvas Data Release Notes (2019-10-03)

In this Canvas Data release, the posted_at attribute has been added to the submissions_dim table.

Canvas Data is a service that provides institutions with optimized access to all their data for reporting and queries. Learn more about Canvas Data.

Changed Tables

posted_at submissions_dim

The posted_at attribute is added to the submission_dim table. This change shows the date the submission was posted for the student, or nil if it has not been posted.


Is it possible if we can be notified of such changes before hand instead of checking this page every time as Data releases are not regular and it definitely impacts our ETL jobs?

Hi, Harshal!

This document was posted on September 28. Are you following the Canvas Data space? If so, you'll be notified when new documents are posted here. 



Hi Erin

Thanks for quick reply. I am now following the Canvas Data space by clicking on 'Follow'. Where it would notify me? Can I change the setting to send it to my work email?



Hi Erin,

I follow the Canvas data release notes, but do not always get notified of a new post.  My notifications in box does not show anything from September 28th about the 10-03 release notes.  

Any idea why?

Thank you.  


Hi, Kevin,

That's interesting... I am not sure as that would be a question to send to our platform provider. If it happens again, let us know and we can try to look into the issue further!


Hi, Harshal,

Yes, you can specify notifications to be sent to your community inbox or your external email: How do I set my user preferences in the Canvas Community? 

You can also create custom activity feeds and have specific notifications for each as well. See how to create activity feeds: 

Hope that helps!


Thanks a lot Erin.

This is exactly I wanted. At least now I will be keeping a tab on whenever any Data releases happen. 

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