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Black History Month Resources

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February is dedicated to a month-long learning about the African American icons, leaders, activists, and inventors who have made significant impacts on American history. And what better way to integrate these topics into Canvas courses than importing just-in-time resources from Commons public.

For starters, a handful of resources exist about Martin Luther King Jr. Import a content page with an activity and his speech (by Sarah Larrison), start a discussion about the impact of “I have a Dream” (by Sara Atkins), or download a complete module that includes a look at Aristotle's Appeals, The Emancipation Proclamation, and other Civil Rights Issues (by Sarah McCain). From discussions about slavery and John Henry (thanks to Michelle Adgate) to Black History Month Essay Contest (by Rachel Clark McCabe), there is something for all grade levels. Oh, and don’t forget about the amazing influences on jazz music by checking out “New Orleans: Where it all began” (by Mrs. Jehl).

If you have a timely resource to share, tag it with “Black History Month”!


Want to import these resources?

Do a keyword search in Commons Public: martin luther king, black history, jazz, slavery