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Share a direct link to an item on the Commons.

Is there a way to send a direct link to an item in Commons.

Example: I have a quiz on the commons, want to share the link so faculty can access it directly. 


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Hi Will, 

Yes, you can create a unique link for a resource. If you right click the title of the resource and you select either

'Open link in new tab' - then it will open the resource in a new tab with a unique URL

or 'Copy Link Address' - then you need to open a new tab and paste it there to get the URL. 

I hope it is helpful! 



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While it's true that you can create a unique permalink now to a Commons resource, you can't necessarily share the link as broadly as you'd like. We are share links on our Library website to library-created modules available at Commons.  Faculty follow our links and preview our (awesome) content, then click the Log In link.  But that page doesn't have an institutional SSO shortcut. Users get frustrated and give up.

In our case, since we're a Google Apps for Ed institution, they can perhaps try a Google login, then "Authorize," but that adds a couple more hoops that they aren't sure they should be jumping through since going directly to Commons from our Canvas dashboard is seamless.

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